Wheeled battery chargers

You have more than one vehicle that needs charging and so you end up moving the charger from one vehicle to the next often.  Then you know what a pain that can be, particularly if you have one of the more powerful and heavy automotive battery chargers.

What is the solution?  You could buy a smaller and lighter battery charger, but that almost always equates to longer charging time.  You could buy more than one charger maybe even one for each vehicle.  Now you are talking double the cost and double the storage headache.  One other option you may not have considered is to buy a car battery charger on wheels.

Wheeled chargers can be very large and powerful but easy to transport and move around your garage.  Mechanics in auto service centers already enjoy the back-saving power of a wheeled auto battery charger.  They need one because they charge countless cars in a year and lugging a heavy battery charger around the garage is just not an option.  Yes, they are more expensive than similar chargers without wheels, but you can eliminate the cost of an additional charger.  Further, they don’t cost double for twice the performance.

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