UP100AC Duo Dual 2 Port (CH1 10Amps, CH2 6Amps, 100Watts Total): LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, NiCd, NiMh, Pb AC/DC Balancing Battery Multi-Chemistry Multicharger w/ 120Watt Power Supply, USB Charge Port (5V 2.1A) for Cell Phones/Tablets/etc

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Product Features

RELIABILITY: UltraPower is known for their great reliability. They use the best internal components and circuitry available to create long lasting products. Their reliability rivals that of name brand manufacturers such as Hitec, Duratrax, Traxxas, etc. And all this is backed by an easy 1 year warranty! WARRANTY:UltraPower offers a great 1 Year warranty on their chargers. This warranty covers manufacturers defects. This warranty does not cover end-user misuse or abuse. This is the UltraPower Dual Port Charger. It can be used worldwide with its auto switching power supply, compatible with 100-240V. It can also be powered by DC power, allowing it to be used out in the field when a wall outlet is not available. It has a high 100Watt Max Output! It has 2 independent charging ports. Port 1 is capable of 100Watts* and 10Amps max output and Port 2 is capable of 50Watts and 6Amps max output. The charger can also be used as a power supply to power other devices, up to 120Watts from the DC Port! It's a multi-chemistry charger so it can properly charge LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, NiMH, NiCd and Pb (lead acid) batteries. It has a built in Balancer for Lithium type batteries. Each port has its own screen, buttons, 4mm output ports, balance port, temperature sensor port, and PC link port. As an added bonus, the charger has a 5V 2.1A USB port built into it to power and recharge your cell phone, tablet, etc. HIGH POWER OUTPUT: This charger boasts 100Watts* of total charging power! Port 1 is capable of 100Watts*/10Amps max and Port 2 is capable of 50Watts/6Amps. Most chargers only allow the 100W output to be split equally between each port, 50Watts each. But what if you weren't using the full 50Watts on Port 2 and wanted to use that extra power that's left over to power Port 1? Now you can! The way it works is quite simple. Each port has a dedicated 50 Watts apportioned to it. But if Port 2 is not using all of its 50Watts, Port 1 can borrow whats left over! Here are some examples of how it works. If you are using 0Watts on Port 2, Port 1 will have all 100Watts available to it. If you are using 30Watts on Port 2, Port 1 will have up to 70Watts available. If you are using the full 50Watts on Port 2, Port 1 will have 50Watts available. Most chargers such as Duratrax only offer 40Watts of charge power per channel. But this charger offers the convenience of at least 50Watts per port along with the added benefit of Port 1 being able to use any extra power that port 2 is not using! Up to 100W/10Amps! ADDITIONAL FEATURES: CONVENIENCE: Charge two batteries at once, even if they are not the same chemistry, voltage, or capacity. This charger has 2 individual charge ports and plugs directly into the wall. It also can be connected to a DC power source such as a 12V car battery or a DC Power Supply (DC Power Cable not included). The charger is quite compact at only 143 x 115 x 63mm (5.6 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches). So it can store away in your pit bag or box quite easily! The Charger also features LiPo Balance Charge, LiPo Fast Charge, LiPo Storage, and LiPo Discharge modes. POWER SUPPLY: The charger can be used to power other DC devices such as chargers, lathes, lights, etc. It puts out a whopping 120Watts of power! Simply plug the charger into the wall and use the DC port on the right side of the charger to power your device. TERMINAL VOLTAGE CONTROL: Adjust the charger to your desired charge and discharge voltages for your Lithium Batteries. LITHIUM BATTERY METER: Check the voltage of a Lithium battery's cells when plugged into the balance port. The screen will provide a readout of each cell's voltage, the total pack voltage, as well as the highest and lowest cells. BATTERY MEMORY: You can program and store up to 10 different types of battery settings on each port. Then simply load the program to start charging using your stored battery settings.