Motorcycle battery charger

The fact is that in winter most of us will use the bike less. When the weather's bad weekend riding is less appealing and over the Christmas break there's usually too much going on to get out on the bike much anyway. This can be bad news for your bike's battery. To keep your bike starting first time every time, here's a run down of some of the best battery chargers out there.

In cold weather batteries are more likely to go flat. Without frequent use your bike's battery will slowly drain and if you're laying the bike up for the winter, you may be greeted with a flat battery when you try to go for that first early spring ride. One option is to remove the battery and store it in a safe dry place, but if you plan to use the bike occasionally this is impractical. A battery charger is the answer.

A good battery charger will not only be able to revive a flat battery, it will also have a trickle-charge feature so you can leave it slowly charging while the bike is tucked away in the garage. It's like a life support system for your motorcycle.